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Welcome to Penguin Gas

Supplier of LPG Gas, Gas Appliances & Gas Accessories – The Company you can always trust!

Who We Are

Penguin Gas (Pty) Ltd, in partnership with Gas2U, Magic Gas and Sol Gas, is a leader in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas industry and supplier, distributor and installer to the industrial and domestic markets, at affordable prices, continually promoting gas as a cleaner and safer energy source option, in so, caring for the environment. With over 30 years combined experience in the Gas Industry, Penguin Gas (Pty) Ltd is situated in the Garden Route, and holds the purpose of sustained contribution to local economy and communities. Our focus remains to be a sustained, independent supplier, distributor and installer of gas and appliances to our various markets, with specialized emphasis on quality and efficient service to all our customers.

Products and Services

Penguin Gas is an independent supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to various residential, industrial and commercial clients in the Southern Cape.

  • Convenient drive-through facility or we deliver.

We purchase our LPG directly from the Refineries and sell it directly to the consumer ensuring that we deliver LPG to our clients at very competitive prices.

  • Our staff and representatives are trained on the rules and regulations from the fire department and other authorities.
  • We comply to all applicable regulations and SANS codes.
  • We do installations through a team of qualified installers.
  • Our cylinders are also approved by the LPG Association and are 100% safe.

Safety & Quality

LP Gas is classified as a “hazardous substance”. It is such an efficient form of energy, and has a high calorific value. LPG “must” be handled and used with care. We encourage manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and end users to adhere to the safety regulations that have been put in place to ensure end user and public safety. As such, the LPGSASA have put in place several schemes to assist with LP Gas safety, as well as information and guides in terms of using LP Gas safely.